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Frederique Herel, Palmist

Frederique Herel has been studying hands and giving palmistry-based counselling since 1989. Staying away from the traditional approach, she is using palmistry as a psychological and self-improvement tool.

She learned her trade with the Palmistry Center, now the Birla Center under the direction of the wise scholar, Ghanshyam Singh Birla.

Over the years, through seminars and private consultations, Frederique has increased many men and women's self-awareness and has helped them improve their lives.

Frederique has appeared on a variety of television and radio shows, where she has often performed live hand analyses.

Her very diverse career includes occupations such as ballet and modern dance instructor, tour guide, French teacher, hypnotherapist, professional translator, cruise lecturer and belly dance instructor.

She has translated in French many palmistry manuals for the Birla Center. She has translated or reviewed the French version of three books published by the Center. She has also authored four e-books available on this website: "What Should I do with My Life", "How to Score with Women", "The Secrets of Your Baby's Hands", and "Evaluate Your Relationship."

A native of France, Frederique lives in Canada, in the Toronto area. Thanks to modern technology, she can provide private hand readings, in English or in French, anywhere in the world.