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Mission: Possible
What is your Life Mission?

Would you like to know what you were born for, and what your mission in life is meant to be?
You do?
So Mission: Possible may be for you!

What is Mission: Possible?

Mission: Possible gives meaning to your life. It is not necessarily what you were planning to do with your life, but what you are really meant to accomplish so that you have no regrets in the end. It tells you how your life goal could be fulfilled.

Don’t expect a detailed explanation of what you should be doing exactly, such as which job to choose, who to marry or where to live.
It is more like the orientation your life should take so you can be happy.

By having an outline of what you were born for, you will be able to adjust the general direction of your life and your specific focus (career, family life, health, hobbies, etc.)

$37.00 US

What does Mission: Possible include?

Mission: Possible is based on your birth data.

The Mission: Possible package includes three (3) brief personalized audio recordings - in MP3 format. Each MP3 - made just for your - will be approximately 3-minute long (or 3 MB in size) so it can easily be sent to you by email. Even though each recording is short, it contains very important, condensed information.

Altogether the three audio recordings will cover:
- Your personality in general
- The lessons you are meant to learn during your lifetime
- Possible physical weaknesses you may encounter
- The area of your life on which you should focus your energy: where you are coming from and where you are supposed to go
- The manner in which you are meant to accomplish your mission

Listen to a 30-second sample

How to obtain your own Mission: Possible audio files

You can order your Mission: Possible recordings by clicking on the PayPal link below (using a credit card, or your PayPal account.)

During the payment process, you will be invited to provide the personal information required to determine your mission.

After your payment is received, your personal information will be carefully analyzed, and three customized audio files will be created, just for you, based on this information.

This is the information necessary to prepare your package:

- Full name: yours, or the name of the person for whom you are ordering this package, You can order Mission: Possible for yourself, or for someone else, as long as you supply the appropriate information.

- Birth information:
o Date of birth - Please do not use abbreviated versions, such as 02-08-03, which can be misinterpreted. Use a full date, such as February 8, 2003, or August 3, 2002.
o Time of birth - Specify AM or PM. For Mission: Possible to be accurate, you need to know the exact time of birth within 5-10 minutes.
o Place of birth - Provide the city and country. If you were born in a small village, mention it, but also include the name of the closest city.

- Email address: Include an email address only if you want your Mission: Possible audio files sent to a different email address than the one attached to the PayPal account. Otherwise the files will be sent to the address linked to PayPal.

If, for some reason, you can’t enter to above information during the payment process, just include it on a message sent through the Contact box.

Because this is a manual, customized process, please allow 1-3 days for audio file production and delivery.

$37.00 US