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Palm Reading Guide
through Questions and Answers

This palm reading guide is meant to provide you with quick answers about palmistry. You will also find a lot of information in other sections. But only a personal session will give you accurate answers about your own hands.

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is a very ancient science which has been effectively used in India for more than 4,000 years. It is based on the holistic principle that our whole life is reflected in every part of our body. For instance, iridology studies the eyes, reflexology focuses on the feet, auriculotherapy is based on a representation of the body on the ear, and palmistry analyzes the hands.

How can I use Palmistry?

Too often used as a fortune-telling tool, palmistry is actually much more useful as a self-improvement system. Your hands show who you really are, like a roadmap. A good palmist will be able to tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are and point you to the right direction in order to find happiness. It has proven very useful in the following situations:

Do you know how much of your potential energy, ambition, charisma, or creativity you are using? Your hands provide a visual representation of these areas.

Every relationship requires some fine-tuning from time to time. Palmistry will highlight your couple's similarities and differences, and will help you deal with the differences.

What should I do with my life? If this is what you are wondering, palmistry can help you focus on what you can do best.

Mental Healing
Are you trying to heal your mind? How do you know how well you're doing? Palmistry offers Before and After "pychological snapshots" so you can chart your mental progress.

Do you want the best for your child? An analysis of your child's hands will reveal tendencies which you can then encourage by proper education, training and support.

Are you depressed? You need to find your inner light and bring your talents to bear. Palmistry will help reveal what these talents are.

Attitude or Habit Reforming
Are you trying to reform a negative attitude or a bad habit? By having your handprints taken periodically, you can follow your improvement.

How can Palmistry help me Evaluate a Relationship?

It has been done for millenniums in India. In prearranged marriages, children are matched to their life partner quite early, based on their astrological data and their hands. As long as the family's greed and social position doesn’t interfere with this decision, the two partners are united according to their compatibility. Their marriage is not based on love at first sight like in the Western world, but on the opportunity to develop a happy, long-lasting relationship. They gradually learn to love each other and their love increase with the years since they are a good match in the first place.

In the Western world, prearranged marriages are not very well regarded. We choose who we please, fall in love and... sometimes end up with a divorce. Why not combine the old palmistry science with the freedom to make the right choice, in order to avoid making painful and costly mistakes?

How Reliable is Palmistry?

The science itself is very reliable. The interpretation may vary. An in-depth study of your hand by an expert palmist can give you a wealth of information about you and your potential.

In the case of relationships, it is so reliable that from the moment I learned how to read palms, I didn't go out with a man without first looking at his hands! And even though, most of the time, I would have liked to be wrong in my analysis - when my Prince Charming's hands were telling me he was not Prince Charming -, I was unfortunately right, and the relationship didn't last!

I slowly learned to recognize what type of hands and men I tended to attract and I decided to attract what I really wanted. When I finally met someone compatible, I knew it from the start. Even though I was still scared (because of my previous failures), I was aware that the positive aspects of the relationship would give us the strength to work on the negative ones. And this is exactly what happened!

Which Hand should I Look at?

A good palmist will look at both hands.

If you are right-handed, your left hand is your inactive hand and it represents what you were born with, what you are like deep inside (your old habits).

Your right hand, or active hand, shows your resolutions and how you are leading your life presently.

If you are left-handed, your left hand is your active hand and your right one your inactive hand.

Consequently, it is advisable to look at both hands. However, you have a more direct influence on your active hand since it changes according to your resolutions. Yes, your hands do change depending on what is happening within you and how determined you are. Therefore, you can always evolve - and hopefully improve - and your hands will reflect the changes.

Usually, you can focus on your active hand and check your inactive hand for any major difference. A difference would explain an inclination to behave two different ways, based either on old habits (inactive hand) or resolutions (active hand).

Let's say my Partner and I have our Hands Analyzed and I find out that We are Not Compatible?

Beware of full compatibility and read this article! Remember that opposites attract!

You may find you have more similarities with your friends than with your love partner. But chances are that you wouldn't fall in love with your friends or you wouldn't really want to have them as life partners.

Therefore, the purpose of using palmistry to evaluate your relationship is not to find someone exactly like you, but to learn at an early stage what your similarities and differences are and how to relate to each other.

My Life Line is Short. Does it Mean I am going to Die at an Early Age?

This "short life line" story is probably one of the most common myths of palmistry! Let me reassure you: the length of the line doesn't have anything to do with your life span! The life line (the line that starts between the thumb and the forefinger, and goes around the base of the thumb towards the wrist) shows how you are starting to use your energy. When it stops, it just means that you are using your energy differently. It could be because of a change in your activities (less physical activities), retirement, a more quiet life, etc. Even though death is not completely out of the question, it is probably not the reason for a sudden stop of the life line.

This palm reading guide is only the beginning. Be sure to read other articles and case studies on this website. As a complement to this palm reading guide, you may want to read an interview about Palmistry that was published on the Oralin website back in 2001.