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Face Reading: A Complement to Palm Reading

Does a weak chin belong to a weak person?
Why do I have such a big nose?
Is a cleft chin the sign of a sexy person?
Is there a benefit to having big ears?

You may have wondered about the features of your face or someone else's face. Do these features have any specific meaning when it comes to the personality of the person to whom they belong? The answer is "yes!" they all have a meaning, and it is fascinating to discover what people do show when they show their faces!

I once read that from birth to age 25, you have the face your parents gave you. From 25 to 50, you have the face you make for yourself. After 50, you have the face you deserve. Now, I believe it's true!

I am presenting here a few samples of celebrities with a brief analysis of some of their famous features.

Angelina Jolie
Film Actress

Face reading of Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie's mouth is her most famous feature, but the psychological meaning for such a wide and fleshy mouth is rather telling. The width of the mouth goes with friendliness and the ability to express oneself in front of many people. The fleshy lips are about self-disclosure, to the risk of embarrassing others. You may have heard of Angelina's public shocking kiss with her brother, bisexual interludes with a model and wearing a vial of ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton's blood around her neck.
Her very wide jaws provide her with the tenacity she needs for her humanitarian work, as well as for bringing up six children, adopted and homemade.

Bill Gates
Chairman of Microsoft

Face reading of Bill Gates
This mug shot of Bill Gates was taken at the age of 22, before he became a business magnate. I chose it because it shows a profile view of a so-called weak chin. Despite its bad reputation, a receding chin shows a talent for conciliation and compromise. Isn't it the way Microsoft managed to grow by acquiring so many promising companies? The right-side photo shows Bill Gates' wide jaws, a definite sign of tenacity. The bottom of his chin is straight, meaning that he makes choices based on ideas and ideals, such as "a computer on every desk and in every home."

Robin Williams
Actor and Comedian

Face reading of Robin Williams
Robin Williams' "gift of gab" is obvious for a face reader. His mouth is very wide - showing his friendliness and ability to speak to large groups - but his lips are extremely thin, especially in comparison with Angelina's. Robin Williams' comedy is more about others than himself.
He has a "gab line," i.e. a line starting from one side of the chin, going under and coming back on the other side of the chin. This line means that talking - and often joking - comes naturally to this person.
Finally, his low eyebrows are the sign of a mentally quick and spontaneous talker. No wonder he couldn't stop talking!

Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso
Buddhist Spiritual Leader

Face reading of Dalai Lama
Two specific features have caught my attention on the Dalai Lama's face.
One is the triangle formed by the three lines between his eyebrows. This triangle indicates exceptional visionary insight. He is in touch with his inner wisdom and vision.
The second feature can be seen in the uneven lower teeth. A person with such teeth has a hard time making decisions because he sees both sides of issues. This would easily apply to the situation of a spiritual leader in exile. These teeth also show that the person holds himself to exceptionally high standards. We wouldn't expect anything less from a spiritual leader!

Bernard Madoff
Investment Advisor convicted of massive fraud

Face reading of Bernard Madoff
Bernard Madoff's face is shaped like a pear; it is widest at the lower cheek level. Cheeks show your leadership style and how much power others see in you - whether this power is real or perceived as such.
When the face is wide at this level, you appear peaceful and open. People dump their problems on you and you listen to them. So Madoff was able to attract the trust of his investors thanks to his cheeks! Nothing really personal came out of his thin lips, and he was able to listen.

Mother Teresa
Catholic Nun and Humanitarian

Face reading of Mother Teresa
A long nose provides you with a talent for planning and strategy, while a chunky nose tip speaks of prosperity consciousness. Mother Teresa's nose has both. This is why she was able to create so much during her life. While she chose to live in poverty, people kept giving her money all the time. She was known to always carry a big bag where she stuffed all the cash she was constantly handed. She then gave it away to the needy and the poor.
Another interesting feature of her face is the dark mole under her left eye. This mole shows an important event occuring at the age of 36.
On September 10, 1946, 36-year-old Teresa experienced "the call within the call." This inspiration led her to the missionary work that shaped the rest of her life.